For many people an end to Christmas can’t come soon enough, but not for the reasons you would expect. How could being sat around a dinner table surrounded by family be so traumatic? How could watching the Christmas TV special be so difficult? How could listening to your grandchildren’s voice be so challenging ? There is one simple answer to all of those questions.. Hearing loss.

tinnitus management and help high wycombe bucksIf you haven’t suffered with these problems over the festive season then you may well know a family member who has. Did you notice that instead of joining in with the conversation at the dinner table ‘mum’ or ‘grandma’ sat looking blankly into space, contributing only with the odd ‘pardon’ or inappropriate comment? Did you notice that the television was louder than the rest of the family needed? If the answer is yes then it is possible, that person may not have enjoyed Christmas as much as everyone else!

January for most symbolises a new start, a new approach to the problems they encountered last year. For people suffering with hearing loss January often presents a stark realisation that they have missed out on making the most of the period that is meant to encapsulate ‘family time’. The feeling of isolation, frustration, despair leaves a residue of disappointment and a lack of confidence. For many dealing with the problem can be scary and the task of finding someone to help is daunting.

It is known as the silent disability, because people can go a long time without even knowing they have it. Usually it is a family member or a friend who will be the first to notice. For many denial or ignorance prolong the inevitable need for treatment, with the average person taking 7 years to seek help from a hearing professional.

A Hearing test by your local Audiologist is the best way to find out whether you have hearing loss. We get our eyes and teeth checked regularly and hearing should be treated no differently, as its gift is just as precious.

Hearing aid technology has moved on significantly in the last 5 years. With the launch of invisible hearing aids and Bluetooth connectivity to devices like your iPhone and TV, the prevalence of hearing aid use has rocketed. It is now possible to wirelessly stream your TV, phone calls, and even media content directly to your hearing aids.

Henley Hearing Centre is a local hearing aid provider who offer a range of services including the finest digital hearing aids, hearing testing, wax removal, tinnitus management, hearing protection. We offer a unique friendly and attentive service that provides you with the information you need to make the right decision for you. We even offer no obligation trials so you can see the benefit for yourself.

Our Audiologist Leon Cox is highly qualified and trained at the prestigious UCL in London and has worked alongside some the of the countries leading ENTs. He now cares for our patients between our Henley and Chalfont sites.

So make this January the time to check your hearing! Henley Hearing Centre is based inside the Henley Chiropractic Centre in 1 West Lane, Henley-on-Thames. Call us on 01494 765144 to book an appointment today! Or visit our website