A pill to combat both Tinnitus and Hearing Loss is now being tested in the UK.
It is the first drug treatment for both conditions to be developed in the UK and acts on brain cells involved in the processing of sound.

tinnitus_help_pillPrevious laboratory studies have shown the potential to reduce symptoms of age related hearing loss and tinnitus with the drug.

Whilst only 10% of the overall population suffer from Tinnitus, every member of the population will experience hearing loss, either first hand, or through a family member. However, currently there is no definite cure for either prognosis. Both Tinnitus and Hearing Loss vary drastically from person to person, therefore treatment for each varies. Many people do experience the ease of their symptoms when wearing an amplification device.

11 hospitals across the UK are testing the new pill on 150 patients with Tinnitus. A similar study is also being conducted in the USA, whilst testing the drugs’ effects on age related hearing loss.

Leon Cox MSc RHAD, Director and Lead Audiologist at Chalfont & Henley Hearing Centre stated “In this industry we always welcome new developments, both technological and scientific. Whilst this sounds like a possibility for the future, it is not something that can be used currently, and shall take years of research in order to prove its validity. As technology advances we will see developments like this; however hearing loss and Tinnitus are very individual specific conditions, so there will always be a place for amplification devices in the near future.”

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Find the full story here : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2956195/Pill-stop-hearing-loss-tinnitus-tested.html