Wax Removal - Irrigation & Microsuction

Professional Ear Wax Removal

We specialise in two different wax removal techniques

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

This method we use for removal uses a small gentle vacuum to clear the ear of wax

Price - £75 for the appointment

Irrigation Ear Wax Removal

Traditional, however outdated method for wax removal, using a controlled flow of water to clear the ear wax. We can still offer this however we will typically use the microsuction method

For Urgent Appointments or Queries Call Us Today On 01494 765144

Same day appointments are subject to availability. Olive oil may need to be applied to ear canal prior to visit. Irrigation is not suitable for patients with perforations, some previous types of operation or active infections. Severely impacted wax may not be able to be removed in certain cases. We will refuse treatment where there are contra-indications that make removal unsafe. We will not typically conduct wax removal on children under 5 years. 

Prices are subject to change, at our discretion. We will require upfront payment to secure your booking, as we are exceptionally busy and do not have the capacity to cater for missed appointments.  We also have a 72 hour cancellation policy, we will not refund the appointment if you cancel less than 72 hours before your appointment, we may offer to transfer your appointment to another time and date subject to availability. Please call us on 01494 765144 to book an appointment.

Due to Covid-19 we are generally not accepting same day appointments at this time, we will also require you to follow our Covid-19 procedures (which include wearing a mask when attending). Also we are experiencing an exceptionally high demand due to the NHS not widely providing the service, so please be patient and polite when booking the appointment.

Additional note; If you are disgruntled with the lack of NHS provision please take it up with them, NOT our staff and team, they are not the correct outlet for your frustrations with the NHS. Rude and obnoxious behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated and will result in us refusing you treatment.

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    Wax removal may in rare cases result in infection, hearing loss, tinnitus, perforation of ear drum, pain and bleeding.
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