Re-Chargeable Hearing Aids

The New Moxi Fit-R Pro

Never miss a conversation again.

There’s something worth hearing inside every conversation, so the last thing you need is to run of batteries when you are away from home. 

Our charge-and-go solutions are giving patients uninterrupted power for those important conversations. Dock your hearing aids each night and get an uninterrupted 30 hours* battery life. The system is perfect for busy people or those patients who have dexterity, memory or sight problems as it replaces the need to fiddle with small batteries and battery doors.

The Moxi-Fit R is the world's smallest hearing aid! More importantly it offers unrivalled speech enhancement for challenging environments, boasting 50% more accuracy than previous generations to be precise thanks to its 36% faster processing chip. Not only doe's it perform better but it also comes packaged in award winning design.

If you would like to see if you could benefit from the new Moxi Fit-R Pro then why not come to our centre and trial it for yourself. Call us on 01494 765144 to visit on of our friendly and professional audiologists.

Hearing Aid Prices Start From Just


*Price range of Moxi Fit -R is between £599 and £2195 per aid depending on aftercare and warranty package. Pair price starts at £999. The £599 price is for the hearing aid only and does not include testing or aftercare. All hearing aids dispensed are subject to a full test and assessment. Trials are charged at £95.

Call us on 01494 765144

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