NHS Hearing Aids

Currently in the UK there are two options for hearing aid provision. The NHS and private market, are two distinctly different avenues.  Approximately 80% of hearing aids fitted in the UK, are fitted by the NHS. Some patients are satisfied with the ‘free at the point of service system’ offered by our wonderful UK hospitals. However, a significant proportion of this population have individual requirements that unfortunately can not be met by NHS hearing aid departments. With increasing demand for cost saving within the NHS many Hospitals are opting to dispense only individual hearing aids and in some cases electing to not dispense hearing aids to patients with Mild or Moderate Hearing Loss.  Choosing private hearing aids for some people is the best option for improving their hearing. Some of the reasons that people choose private hearing healthcare include:

  1.   Wider range of hearing aid choice
  2.   More personal service
  3.   More cosmetic options for hearing aids
  4.   Improved sound quality and hearing aid performance
  5.   Better feedback/whistling cancellation
  6.   Improved handling size, for patients who have handling issues
  7.   Better connectivity to electronic devices such as mobile phones, television and home alert system
  8.   No waiting lists or delay for appointment
  9.   Home visits
  10.   Local premises in the community
  11.   More time assigned to clinical appointments
  12.   Access to additional services and testing

8 out of 10 of our patients have worn NHS hearing aids previously, all of them now enjoy an improved hearing experience! If you are struggling with your hearing and/or digital hearing aids then please contact us and let Chalfont Hearing Centre make a difference for you today.

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