Hearing Aid Connectivity Accessories

Hearing aid technology goes beyond simply being able to hear better, it also enables you to connect with other technology in your life, such as smart phones and the TV.

All of the individual hearing aid manufactures produce hearing aid accessories.

For instance, Widex produce the following:

COM-DEX Mobile Phone Streamer.  This is a small device which hangs around your neck (like a lanyard) that wirelessly streams high-quality sound from any BlueTooth device (such as a smart phone) to the hearing aid.

UNI-DEX. This is a small device which you wear around your neck, and it plugs into headphone jack output on mobile phones, iPods, or even your laptop. The device then streams the sound wirelessly into your hearing aid, so it can be really useful if you’re on a video call. or wanting to talk hands-free whilst driving. It’s runs on a rechargeable battery.

CALL-DEX. This is a very discrete, compact device that plugs directly into the headphone jack output of your mobile phone. This streams the sound wirelessly from your phone to your hearing aid, without the need to have something hanging around your neck.

FM+DEX.  If you’re a fan of radio, or you enjoy going to the theatre, this device can pick up signals from an FM receiver or telecoil, and stream the sound directly into your hearing aid.

TV PLAY.  This device which sits next to your TV streams sound directly from your TV to your hearing aid, without you needing to wear a device.

TV-DEX. This little device which hangs like a pendant around your neck, wirelessly streams high-quality, distortion free sound in real-time. It has a clever ‘Room Off’ function, which means you can switch off all unnecessary background noise, whilst you enjoy your favourite TV programmes.

Hearing aid apps. 

Smart phone apps are a great way to discretely be able to control the volume and other settings of your hearing aid, and all of the manufacturers have developed smart phone apps for this purpose. Some go beyond just controlling hearing aid volume.

For example, Starkey have produced an app called ‘Thrive’ (which works with Livio Edge AI). This can track your daily steps and physical activity, it can track levels of engagement with others and if it detects that the wearer has fallen, it will send a message to a selected contact. It can even send reminder messages to the wearer (which helps with medication compliance) and it can translate 27 different languages.

The app pairs with Android or Apple devices using BlueTooth or mobile phone signal.

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