Hearing Aid Exhibition

Buckinghamshire’s Annual Hearing aid and Tinnitus Exhibition

The Exhibition was a huge success this year. Our first event took place at Little Chalfont Village Hall on the 2nd October 2013. We experienced a huge turnout and all that attended left with knowledge about the latest hearing technology available to them.


Buckinghamshire’s Annual Hearing aid and Tinnitus Exhibition takes place every year and is a Free event open to the public. The aim of the Exhibition is to raise awareness of hearing loss, Tinnitus, the latest technology and treatments.

For many people with hearing loss and tinnitus there are often few chances to obtain impartial independent information.  The Exhibition offers the opportunity to speak directly to Hearing aid Manufacturers, Tinnitus treatment manufacturers, Audiologists and others affected by hearing loss all in one place.  Most of the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers will be in attendance. Widex, Phonak, Oticon, Unitron, Starkey and Soundcure all have stands and specialists, on hand to provide expert information on their current technology.

For the inquisitive and technically minded there are several Bitesize technology talks from specialists within the NHS, Manufacturing and Audiology.  Free hearing tests can be obtained on the day with discounts also available for hearing aids purchased on the day.  For more information on the next Exhibition please email chalfonthearingcentre@live.co.uk

Due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to arrange any exhibitions at this time.

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