Widex Moment™

Widex have produced a hearing aid which gets over the problem of a hearing aid sounding like a hearing aid.  Typically, when sound is processed by a hearing aid, it’s delivered to the eardrum a little later than the sound heard directly. In other words, the two sounds are a little out of sync, and that gives an artificial sound.  The Widex Moment enables you to hear sound as it should be and it can be programmed to assist your hearing in different sound scenarios, such as listening to music, or dining in a busy restaurant.

The Moment is available in three ‘behind the hear’ three and ‘in the ear’ models and in a variety of colours. The behind the ear (RIC) models rechargeable lithium batteries, which recharge in a device, so there’s no fiddling with batteries.   **** Leon – am I correct in thinking that the In the Ear devices don’t recharge in an external charger ***

The Widex Moment can be controlled by an app on your iPhone or Android phone, enabling you to fine-tune your hearing, in situations that are important to you. The app even has a dark mode, for discreet use.

The Moment App has ‘SoundSense’, which enables the hearing aid to guide you towards the best hearing experience possible. It will invite you to compare different sound profiles and ask you to choose ‘A’ or ‘B’, which tailors your hearing experience. You can even make special programmes to match your surroundings, e.g. being in work or in a café.

DEX accessories enable you to wirelessly connect to audio equipment in your home, such as landlines, mobile phones, and the television, which means you can stream the sound directly to your ears.

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