Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection

Chalfont Hearing Centre offer a complete range of hearing protection products for all kinds of situations from motor racing and shooting, to classical music performances. Custom-made hearing protectors offer maximum comfort and noise isolation for extended usage.

Ear Moulds does not simply block out noise, they work using an ‘attenuating filter’ which eradicates harmful frequencies, whilst simultaneously reducing overall sound by 9, 15, 20 or 27dB across the frequency spectrum. Each pair is custom-made for the individual user, so they fit perfectly.  We supply a full range of hearing protection from as little as £60 (a pair) including the ACS ER range (for just £165 a pair)

We have provided hearing protection for musicians and DJ’s across the country, including London Elektricity from the mighty Hospital Records. If you are a musician, motorsport enthusiast, handle firearms or just a festival goer, give us a call and order your hearing protection today.

Shooting plugs

Earmuffs for shooting can be cumbersome and annoying. Whilst a necessity, they will not only block out harmful noise but also everything else. Knowing what is going on around you at the range is important. Our shooting plugs work on an electronic sonic valve, which only activates upon sound pressure activation from the gun firing. They will allow you to hear normally but protect you in the presence of gun fire. The plugs are custom fit to your ear and offer maximum comfort as well as protection.

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Your hearing is one of the most precious abilities you possess, and losing it can be life changing. contact us today and see how Chalfont Hearing Centre can help you.