Wax Removal

The most common hearing problems that people suffer with, tend to be as a result of wax blockages. In many cases wax will leave the ear naturally, however, on occasion, this process can be restricted and require manual removal.

It is natural to have wax in the ear, it is important because it has many protected properties. However, from time to time an over secretion of oil or dead skin in the ear can result in more viscous and troublesome wax.  As well as reduced hearing excessive wax can also result in Tinnitus. Having regular ear assessments is important.

Maybe you’ve been wondering if you need your ears syringing, or you may have experience having your ears irrigated by a GP previously.

There are a few different techniques for removal but we specialise in microsuction, because syringing can risk trauma to the ear drum, and infections of the ear canal. Syringing can also be very unpleasant or induce dizziness.

Microsuction is a safe technique of removing wax using an illuminating ENT microscope and gentle, medical suction.  It’s quick and painless, albeit a little noisy.

Microsuction can only be carried out by trained profession, accredited in clinical ear care.

Typically, there are long waiting lists for ear wax removal at your GP and some practices have stopped doing it completely, however at the Chalfont Hearing Centre, we can offer same day appointments (subject to availability).

During your appointment, your ears will be fully examined prior to the procedure, and if it transpires that wax isn’t the issue, we will carry out a hearing test to determine the problem.

If you’re troubled by a wax problem or concerned about your hearing, book in for our one-stop service (£75).

Please call us on 01494 765144 to book an appointment.

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