Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Hearing Aids are known for the best quality sound, reliability, and ease-of-use throughout the world. Oticon’s latest hearing aid is the Oticon Opn S. It’s powerful technology enables you have excellent speech understanding in noisey environments (such as a party), whilst being able to detect and prevent annoying whistling sounds before they reach you.

The Oticon Opn S will give you a 360 degree hearing experience. In the past, hearing aids tended to focus on picking up sound from one source – e.g. a single person speaking. This means that you lost out on conversations going on around you. The Oticon Opn S let’s you shift your focus to other conversations whenever you wish.

The Oticon Opn S is powered by BrainHearing technology, which scans the sounds around you 100 times per second. This means you don’t have to use as much effort to listen, the speech you will hear will be very detailed, and you can follow along with multiple speakers.

The hearing aid can connect, hands-free with your smart phone, using a ConnectClip, which clips easily to a jacket or shirt.  You can use the ConnectClip to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, and the Otico TV adapter will directly stream sound from your TV into your hearing aid.

The Otico Opn S comes in four different styles:

  • miniRITE (which is very small and discrete)
  • miniRITE R (a rechargeable version of the miniRITE)
  • miniRITE T (which has a telecoil)

  • BTE PP (for when extra power is need for profound hearing loss)

The result of this life-changing technology is that you will understand speech even better, with less effort. This lets you join in and keep up with conversations.

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