Discover Tinnitus Relief with Swedish Innovation: Tinearity G1

Enhance your quality of life and manage your tinnitus with the revolutionary Tinearity G1.


Tinearity G1, a CE-marked medical device, has garnered attention for its proven effectiveness in tinnitus relief, feedback from initial users in Sweden showed a high degree of relief was achieved by using the device. This was further supported by Professor Leonel Luis, an ENT surgeon at the University Hospital Santa Maria, Lisbon who conducted a small-scale study involving 30 participants, revealing impressive results—70% experienced improvement. In a nationally televised interview, Professor Luis discussed the longstanding challenge of finding solutions for people with normal hearing or mild hearing loss that suffer from bothersome tinnitus.

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Why Tinearity G1

Duearity, the manufacturer of Tinearity G1, takes a holistic 3 pronged approach when talking about how to treat/relieve tinnitus, and in the longer-term help sufferers achieve habituation.

This approach includes:

  1. Validated white noise, covering all frequencies from 500hz – 10000hz simultaneously
  2. Uninterrupted treatment time throughout the day or night
  3. Consistent volume throughout the entire session

Tinearity G1 employs non-invasive bone conduction technology, which keeps the ear canals free during treatment – 7 out of 10 users sleeps with the device, their feedback is that they sleep better, whilst the device contributes to their ongoing aim of habituating their tinnitus.

The Treatment

For most patients tinnitus is a constant that affects their daily lives and in some cases can be debilitating, therefore finding a treatment pathway that helps them manage their tinnitus is vital, with the ultimate goal being to achieve habituation.

Habituation, in the context of tinnitus patients, refers to the process by which people with tinnitus become accustomed to and no longer perceive the ringing or buzzing sound associated with their condition as bothersome or disruptive. Habituation is a psychological phenomenon where the brain learns to ignore or filter out certain stimuli that are considered non-threatening or irrelevant.

Habituation is no quick fix; it takes time and dedication and is different from patient to patient, but it is proven to be one of the most effective ways to help manage tinnitus. With Tinearity G1 your journey to habituation starts with getting professional advice from an audiologist that specialises in tinnitus management. Your audiologist will discuss and assess your tinnitus and then agree on a treatment pathway that is right for you. Our centre has systems that you can trial before making any commitment to ensure that Tinearity G1 is the right approach for you.

Tinearity G1 uses sound therapy through white noise, this may be different to what you have tried before, but it is important because white noise delivers the consistent and targeted broadband frequencies to help your journey to habituation. Tinearity G1 can be used in isolation or in combination with other treatments such as counselling like TRT or CBT. Relief may be experienced quite quickly, but it is important to note the journey to habitation is longer and can take between 6 and 24 months, and following habituation the device should be used for a further 6 months for consolidation.

Duearity, provides a simple, safe, and convenient approach to tinnitus management. The unveiling of Tinearity G1 in the UK market not only brings relief to tinnitus patients but also equips healthcare professionals with a valuable solution for a patient group that has not previously had access to, or received any help.


David is a Tinearity G1 user, he spent many years suffering and trying various solutions to help him with his tinnitus. Until Tinearity G1 he had not found a solution that worked for him, particularly at night – this is what he said after using Tinearity G1.

‘What I really appreciate about it is that it sits discreetly behind the ear and helps me relax. Another fantastic thing is that it doesn’t block my hearing. I can still hear sounds around me, and that’s very valuable. Additionally, it has the advantage that I can remove it from my ear whenever I want, which is very relaxing. You know, sometimes it can be tedious to have things permanently in the ear, and it can be irritating. What’s special about Tinearity is that it allows me to not focus on my tinnitus and not inconvenience others with something in my ear. I really love it.’


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